Selecting the Appropriate Mover

There is undoubtedly a proper and wrong method to choose the appropriate mover for your relocation, as anybody who has ever gone about it incorrectly can confirm. There are many horror stories, but those who don’t plan ahead for a relocation often end up with a fee that’s considerably more than they anticipated, damaged items, or even worse, some missing.

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There are some positive and some negative indicators to watch out for when hiring a mover.

The Good

Let us begin with some positive news. When determining whether the mover you want to deal with is, in fact, a reputable mover, there are a few telltale signals to look out for.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued the mover a license.

A legitimate mover need to possess a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license. By going to, you may verify if your mover is licensed.

The mover’s Better Business Bureau rating is excellent or satisfactory.

It may surprise you to learn that the Better Business Bureau gets close to 9,000 complaints year about movers. Check out this excellent website to see whether your mover has had any complaints. It’s encouraging if your mover has a high Better Business Bureau rating.

A written estimate is willingly provided by the mover to you.

A firm quote that is given over the phone is actually not something you should trust, according to the Better Business Bureau’s standards for working with movers. A trustworthy mover will provide you a written estimate of the fees in advance.

The mover is prepared to come to your house and assess your possessions before offering a quote.

It seems sense to assume that a mover will find it difficult to provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of moving your goods if they haven’t even had a chance to look over them. You should be quite happy to oblige the mover if they want to visit your house to assess the relocation before giving you a quote. This is a really positive indication.

The Negative

Of course, there are several indicators to watch out for that might indicate your mover is not up to par.

An upfront sizable financial payment is requested by the mover.

Before any job is finished, reputable movers won’t demand significant payments. Refrain from giving your mover large sums of money in ahead.

There is no truck owned by the mover.

A reputable moving firm owns a fleet of vehicles. Your movers might not be the most trustworthy firm (or they might not even be a company at all) if they arrive in a rented vehicle.

Information about insurance is not displayed on the mover’s website.

The public, and most crucially, you, should have easy access to your mover’s insurance information. Be extremely cautious if your mover says they have insurance but won’t show you the proof or give documents.